Quick&Clever is a limited, privately owned company with a passion for operational excellence and digitalization.

Headquarters in Ludvika, Dalarna, Sweden.


Rikard Kallberg

Owner, CEO

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering. ABB Executive Trainee. 

20 years professional experience within areas such as: Production Engineering/development, LEAN, Project Management, Procurement, SCM, Change Management, Operational Development, Turn-around/restructuring, Product Management, Digitalization and Automatization. Management positions from first line to board member, local to global responsibilities.

Lars Kallberg

Senior Advisor

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering. ASEA Executive Trainee. 

35 years professional experience at ASEA and Sandvik within areas as: 

Production engineering and workshop design, production & inventory control systems, planning & logistic manager, divisional business manager with global responsibility for sales and several production units, global project leader for working capital efficiency (TIC – Time is Capital). First founder of Quick & Clever.



We offer eLearnings with focus on operational excellence/fundamentals. Upgrading Businesspeople - through eLearning. You’ll get smarter teams for improved collaboration and results.



What differentiates us from

a typical eLearning-bureau?


We have proven content ready – it’s just a matter of setting it up to suit your company’s branding, acronyms, products message etc. Quick&Clever. Check out our portfolio of eLearnings.



a business improvement consultantcy firm?

We don’t tell you and your team what to do. Our training courses will strengthen your teams from the inside with basic competence, enabling the team to come up with solutions to your company’s problems. However, business consultants can be of great value in facilitating change.


a business school?


Business schools are great for training a few talents to top competence. Our training courses target to train the entire team.

  • Lifting the competence floor, not the roof.
  • Closing competence gaps, rather than making them larger.


Stayed tuned. Work in progress!

See this clip as a teaser of what is to come!



The roots of Quick&Clever E-trainings dates back to SANDVIKs TIC (Time Is Capital) Project 2003-2006. SANDVIK were in need to become leaner and more agile, hence TIC was formed targeting a substantial reduction of Working Capital. At the time SANDVIK employed around 50 000 people globally in several hundred companies. A bottom-up approach was needed for the change to happen. 

How to reach and change people’s knowledge, attitudes and behavior?

The answer was training of all employes on operational fundamentals. The first iteration of a these eLearnings was created. With improved competence all employes can contribute to the change. Through local workshops employes insights was turned into actions of change. TIC was a sucess. 

Lars Kallberg retired from SANDVIK in 2007 and decided to start Quick & Clever AB and offer similar e-learning courses to other companies.

During 2007 – 2016 Quick & Clever had customized training courses running for companies like Shell, Scania, SCA and Volvo.

eLearnings further refined though collaboration with clients.

Rikard Kallberg re-starts Quick&Clever. eLearnings gets migrated to a modern platform and content refined to current standard.