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Learn the operational fundamentals for industry from Q&C training courses. 

Smart alone, but clever together!

  • Insight and awareness are the first steps for improvement. 
  • These courses will make you and your team clever for improved collaboration.


  • One-hour courses. Extensive use of metaphors, visuals and interactive content.
  • Online solution; Course, test, evaluation & feedback.
  • Works on all common platforms - as long you have an internet connection.

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Q&C courses are hosted on a safe, reliable and proven platform.

As an admin, you'll be able to monitor who has taken the course, view results from tests, and receive feedback.

Making sure that new knowledge is acquired and competence improved. 


Capital, Finance, Stock, Production and Supply are all interlinked in a company. Q&C courses are also interlinked, though each course works perfectly fine as a stand-alone too. 


All Q&C courses are set up to be customized for your company’s needs. 

  • Branding - Your company’s logo & color scheme.
  • Personalized welcoming messages to greet students.


Creating good course material is not a quick fix. Quick&Clever’s eLearnings have a long heritage and details of our heritage can be found under “Profile”. Our courses have been taken more than 1000 times and some responses are shown below.

How would you rate this learning experience?

Did you learn anything new about the topic of the course?

“I now understand how the company works and decisions of company”

It is important to know and be reminded how the whole process works. So that you could take necessary actions to avoid any constraint and obstacle within and outside the department and business

This course showed me how to improve profitability & show how to create a win-win situation

"It's important to learn more about the background rather than focus on the amounts only"

"Being able to tie the theory to specific business processes in my area"

“Saying "Time is money" is confirmed in easy and very understandable way”

"Pictures perfectly illustrating and information below it – Impressive/simply appealing way of presenting information!"

“More courses like this”